Father’s Day Gift Guide

As you know, its just over a week until Father’s Day, (Sunday 17th June, in case you didn’t know. Don’t worry, I had to google it too!) so I’ve teamed up with some great brands to fuel you with inspiration and gift ideas for the special dads in your life. If you’ve been reading along for a while now, you will know that I prefer to shop small rather than give my money to the high-street giants. Mainly, because as a freelancer and business owner, I know how big a difference just one order or booking can make and I’m here for that. Also, because I like to find individual and quirky products that are personal and show how much thought has gone into them, I challenge you to find just one dad that needs or wants yet another pair of gimmicky socks?!

On the other hand, I do think that gifting for Father’s Day in some respects has gotten out of hand. All the gift guides I have seen so far have included YSL wallets, Gucci Trainers and over-priced fancy beard kits. Which, admittedly, they’re all great gifts but there’s nothing memorable or personal about them. Its steering away from what Father’s Day is actually about, and gift wrapping it into a Selfridges bag. There’s plenty of birthdays and Christmas’ to splash the cash on fancy things. Get the kids involved and focus on ways you can celebrate that relationship. It doesn’t need to be expensive, designer or gold plated, it just has to mean something.

Without further ado…

1/ Mama Days Art

Don’t be fooled by the name, this incredible little brand may have been initially inspired by the Mother and child relationship, but these sketches are all about the dads. Kirsty sketches all of her pieces at home, usually while her baby naps! These drawings are all about capturing and remembering the little moments. I’ve never been a huge fan of having loads of photographs around the house, but artwork I do have a lot of.  They’re the perfect way to display those memories without having to have the walls filled with photographs. I have one of the mother and son sketches in my bedroom and I have purchased the ‘Up with Dad’ sketch as a gift for Toby’s dad. Toby has always travelled everywhere on his daddy’s shoulders, the older he gets the less frequent the shoulder rides are becoming. He whinges about his shoulders aching, but I know he will miss it when the phase has passed. This sketch captures all of those memories to perfection and is something he can treasure. She also does commissions, so can sketch something really special and personal to you.

– Use code ‘MAMATEN’ for 10% off all prints.

2/ Bambino Father’s Day Brunch –

An experience is always my favourite type of gift, for any occasion and for anybody. Children and adults. I don’t think there is anything more personal than offering somebody your time, to go somewhere or do something together. Spending quality time and making memories. There are numerous Father’s Day Events going on across Manchester and other parts of the UK too, I’m sure, but for me the Bambino Father’s Day Brunch ticks all of the boxes.

Bambino, if you’re not aware, is a café and children’s store based in Worsley. The food is of great quality, they sell proper coffee! They have a play area to keep the little ones entertained and my favourite bit, (obvs), they stock loads of amazing children’s fashion and other bits and bobs. So, you can shop, eat cake and drink hot coffee in peace! What’s not to love. Anyway, back to the Father’s Day Brunch. There are two sittings available 10am and 12pm, tickets are £10 per adult with a choice of Eggs Benedict, Smashed Avo on Toast (I’m all over that, does anyone else decide what they’re having to eat before they go somewhere, or is it just me?!) and ‘Grown Up Beans on Toast’. You only need to book for the adults as all children eat free and can choose from Weetabix with hot or cold milk, Beans on toast or Kids Toast with jam, honey or peanut butter. It’s great value for money and we’re certainly looking forward to our leisurely Father’s Day morning.


3/ Jax Bakes

Who doesn’t love an edible gift, especially a really cool, personalised edible gift. I’m notorious in my family for buying gifts that also benefit me. And these biscuits will definitely be getting a helping hand from me! Fellow mummy blogger, Jax, makes personalised biscuits for all occasions, she is based in Orpington but can post anywhere within the UK. I have ordered the Galaxy design biscuits (shown below) to say ‘Daddy’, you can have any design, any colour and any name or word you would like ‘Papa, Dad, Grandad’, just drop her a message.

Quote ‘TobyOliverAndMe2’ when ordering to get two extra biscuits free!


4/ Little Folk Tales

I first came across this brand after attending one of their amazing interactive storytelling sessions at an event.  They sell an amazing selection of children’s books and run pop-up events across the country. Story time in our house, is done by Daddy, so a book they can read together is the perfect gift for something they can enjoy together. Little Folk Tales Fathers-Day Gift package has got you fully covered, including newly released bright, colourful and heart-warming story “Daddy Long Legs”, a choice of card from ‘NibInkPaper’ and it even arrives gift-wrapped in ‘iama.lodnon’ paper. Fathers Day Covered for only £10.00.

And whats more, you can get 15% off with code “HAPPYREADING”


5/Martha Brook London Stationary

Martha Brook is an individual stationary brand that offers quality personalised cards, diaries, photo albums, notebooks, love notes etc. They have just launched a new collection just for the dads and have some gorgeous designs. Admittedly, I haven’t actually printed out any photographs for a really long time, so the personalised ‘moments with dad’ photo album inspired me to do so! A photo album dedicated just to Daddy and Toby’s memorable moments is a lovely way for them both to be able to look over them together, time and time again. You can also add a personalised message on the inside to say ‘Happy Father’s Day’ or whatever you would like it to. I have opted for the Pebble Grey colour with white pages, and there is the option for it to be gift wrapped for you. For £35.00 the quality speaks for itself, a personal and touching gift for the dads and grandads in your life.

Use code ‘TOBYFREE’ to get free shipping with your order!


6/ Vellamae’s Engraved Gifts and Keepsakes

Something handmade. That’s what it’s all about really isn’t it? But what if you’re not really the crafty type or you don’t have time to sit down and start making cards, photo frames and all that jazz?! Kerrie at Vellamae’s has got you covered. You can send her a drawing, message or writing and she can make you a bespoke wooden plaque, photo-frame, clipboard or anything else you like specially laser-cut with your child’s handiwork. Just as personal and effective as a home-done craft project, quicker and easier for you. And if we’re going to be totally honest, will look a whole lot better on your fireplace!

So, there we have it! I hope it’s helpful and you all have an amazing day celebrating with those all-important dads in your life! I’d love to hear your Father’s Day gift ideas and plans, leave a comment below!

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