Hello, its me.

9R6A4850Hello! So, I’ve finally decided to give this blogging lark a go. I’ve been pondering over it for while but haven’t managed to find the time. I still haven’t got time lets be honest, but it’s amazing what you will do to avoid doing the washing!

I figured the best place to start is by introducing myself and a little bit about me. I’m Megan, I’m 25 and I am a mum to fourteen, I mean four, year old Toby Oliver. I had Toby when I was really young, and I’ve aged approximately 37 years since.

When I’m not being dictated to by a pint-sized Hitler I work as a Freelance Fashion & Commercial Stylist. Although you wouldn’t think it if you ever have had the pleasure of seeing the ensembles I do the school run in! The state I am comfortable leaving the house in these days continues to surprise me.

I am the mum who turns up approximately an hour and a half late every day, looking like I’ve been attacked by a flock of pigeons on the way in, my child dressed in pyjamas because he point blank refused to get ready and I didn’t have another hour to spare to try and reason with him. There’s a reason that my name is Toby Oliver & Me and not the other way around. (Insert eye roll emoji here).

I work mainly in ecommerce, basically I am the liar who makes all the outfits look amazing when you’re online shopping but when they arrive they are a pile of shit, that look like they completely skipped the product quality test. I’m sorry.  I also style campaigns, look books and magazine editorials. I really love my job, and although freelancing does have its ups and downs (this is maybe something I will write about in another post, if anyone gives a shit) it really works for me. It allows me to be flexible, pick and choose the jobs I want to do and control my own hours. I couldn’t handle a full time 9-5 job going to the same place every day, seeing the same people. It’s just not me. Every day is different, and it basically keeps me sane.

About Toby, where to even began with such a complex little individual. He is whirlwind to say the least. He is in every sense of the word, a handful! He is a stubborn as hell, hyperactive, moody, insanely intelligent, strong willed, confident beyond belief, adorable, energetic, ridiculous, amazing, somehow overly sociable and socially awkward in the same sense lunatic. Wherever we go, people are in awe of him. He has more personality than most adults I’ve met. He is magic, and I hope he never loses it. And above all else, the kid is hilarious. To the point where “Toby Stories” has become a commonly used phrase. My family, friends, colleagues even to the extent of my sister’s colleagues ask to hear “Toby Stories”.

That’s one of my main reasons for deciding to write this blog, aside from for myself as for one I enjoy writing. I find it therapeutic. And let’s be honest, what else do I do just for myself these days! But mostly, I wanted to create a diary look back on. To remember the days where he whacked the plumber who came around to fix the bath over the head with a golf club (true story) or the time he refused to wear shoes for about a month because he was a dog and “dogs don’t wear shoes”. And hopefully one day when it’s not an every-day battle to get out of the door, and life is a little less manic. I might just find them as hilarious as everyone else.

I’m not entirely sure as of yet what this blog will be about, probably a good old mix of everything from outfit ideas to day out reviews, (we do a lot of these, we cannot stay in as my child has too much energy and climbs the walls. Literally. I wish I was joking.), parenting highs and lows, running a business, home interiors, travelling, holidays, every-day life, the chaos and the stumbling blocks along the way. I don’t know, I guess we’ll figure it out as we go. A bit like everything else. I can’t promise it will always be the most interesting, inspiring, thrilling or even regular read. But, I can promise you it will be funny!


Toby Oliver & – Me.

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